Quickly set up a service appointment with our online scheduler

You already know the importance of visiting our service center for regular care and upkeep. That said, we do understand coming in for service at our Goshen NY is usually at the bottom of your to-do list. To help make the whole process a little more palatable, we've made it easier than ever to schedule service.

The old way - and what some dealerships still do - is to make you call into the service center, but that has its issues. Let's say you get our voicemail. You can leave a message, but then you need to hope you're available when a representative calls back, and we all know what the notorious game of phone tag is like. Even if you do pickup on the return call, what if you aren't by your calendar? Then you have to hope the time and date you're picking to come in for an oil change isn't butting up against a recital you have for your kid in Newburgh or that you don't have a previous engagement in Middletown NY.

We thankfully handle things differently! While you can still call our service center if you prefer (or you're having some more challenging mechanical problems you want to discuss), most shoppers like using our online service scheduler. We can look you up if you've come in from Monroe NY before or set up a brand-new account. Once you're logged in you can pick from a list of services, leave any comments, and then choose the time you want to come in. Unlike our service center that is closed at certain times, you can use our online tool whenever, and we suggest enjoying a cup of coffee at your Warwick NY home while you spend a few minutes setting up a service appointment!

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